In a staggering deviation from their previously steadfast commitment to delivering the news that matters to the people, The Watsonia Bugle is reportedly considering firing all of its talented writers and just becoming a meme page instead. Whispers of the dramatic change began this morning, as the business manager of the local newspaper surveyed the weekly website visit statistics and social media traction report, stroked his chin a couple of times, released a slight sigh, closed his office door, and then made a series of phone calls.

While the writers busied themselves with their usual tasks, one couldn’t help but hear the unpopular business manager yelling into his phone, “What am I doing paying these idiots the big bucks when I could pay some snot-nosed kid to spend an afternoon making memes and end up with more social media traction than any of them have gotten with their so-called journalism?”

Despite a noticeable move towards the meme market in recent weeks, staff at the cutting-edge masthead are said to be in shock by this morning’s events. One anonymous writer was heard asking, “But who’s going to deliver the news that matters if we’re not hear chasing stories and interviewing locals? The DV Leader? Pls.”

An official announcement still seems a while off, but staff are expected to face a nervous wait as the end of the year approaches.