A local dim sim enthusiast claims he has contacted fundraising extraordinaire Celeste Barber in a bold attempt to provoke more interest in the flagging attempt to build a giant dim sim on Watsonia Road. Dan Porter’s long-running campaign to have a gigantic dim sim installed on our main road has been an ongoing saga, yet seems no closer to being realised, but the Watsonia local says he’s been inspired by Barber’s record-breaking fundraising for the current bushfire crisis engulfing our nation.

Barber’s fundraising has already broken the world record for a Facebook campaign, tipping over the $50 million mark yesterday and garnering international attention. And while Barber’s cause is immeasurably more important than a large tourist attraction paying homage to Watsonia’s greatest export, Porter wants help from the social media star.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Porter said, “Far out mate, she’s raised over 50 million bucks. We could build the giant dimmie for a fraction of that amount. I know a bloke in construction who’ll charge mate’s rates. Easy done.”

However, Porter refuses to reveal exactly how much contact he’d had with Barber beyond sending a request to chat in her Instagram DMs. Porter said, “She’s a busy woman mate, so I’m sure once all this media attention eases up she’ll get back to me. Then we’ll talk tactics.”