A local lothario is about to pin all of his Valentine’s Day efforts on a soppy Facebook post about his girlfriend. Instead of buying an actual gift for his girlfriend of four years, Watsonia man Cameron Jackson is planning to create an attractive photo collage that encapsulates their love for one another, and has also written several drafts of a lengthy post he hopes will adequately express his love in words and broadcast it to the couple’s expansive social network.

While Jackson continues to work on the final draft of his tribute, relationship experts are questioning the legitimacy of the move. When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, self-proclaimed “Love Doctor” Nathaniel Dunstan said that Jackson was treading a dangerous path. Dunstan said, “It just seems like he hasn’t really thought this through. I mean, why not just do both?”

When told of this suggestion, Jackson was resolute in his stance, telling us that in the modern world, social media PDAs were more golden than anything money can buy. He said, “You just can’t put a dollar value on that kind of social media exposure. If I’m gunna spend money on anything this Valentine’s Day, it would be to boost the post, to increase the amount of eyes that will see my public profession of love. It’s all about the traction man.”