A prominent local shopping centre is allegedly planning on becoming the “Doncaster of the North”, with an inside source claiming that a large expansion is imminent. The source, who maintains close links with Greensborough Plaza, has exclusively revealed that they have seen architectural drawings for a proposed “large development in the Greensy shopping precinct. Like, heaps of high rises, and that.”

The source, who requested strict anonymity, said plans had been top secret for the last three years, as management of the plaza attempt to establish Greensborough’s fading reputation as the shopping capital of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. According to the source, “For many years, Greensy Plaza has stood unopposed as the go-to destination for all things food, fashion and homewares, but now that big joint out at South Morang is apparently pinching customers away.”

The plaza insider explained that there had been a radical shift in the retail industry in recent years. They said, “These days, shopping is just as much about the experience as it is about the product range and price. And this development will radically transform the customer experience at Greensy Plaza. There will be high rise accommodation, roller coasters on the rooftops like at Vegas, and heaps of ‘chill out zones’ where jaded old men can sit down and look miserable while they wait for their wives to finish shopping. It will be epic.”

While the source seemed well-versed in the specifics of the expansion, they were unable to reveal any dates for the ambitious project. They said, “I don’t know mate, I’m more of a visual person, you know. I don’t get weighed down in the nitty gritty of these things. But it’s happening soon, I reckon. Trust me.”