A local tradie who enjoys riding his bike to and from work has taken to Facebook to dispel some nasty rumours about his chosen mode of transport. Pete Salisbury of Bundoora claims he has been the subject of constant rumour and innuendo from his colleagues and, even, strangers on the street.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Salisbury said, “People just don’t expect to see a tradie riding a pushie by choice. Traditionally we’re not known for riding to and from work. We’ve normally got tools to cart and sometimes long distances to travel, so a bike isn’t always a great option.

“That’s why everyone just assumed I’ve done me licence or something. I even have some dickheads drive past, wind their windows down and yell shit at me about being a boozer. It’s not fair. Just ‘cos I’m in me high vis and ride a crappy old mountain bike doesn’t mean I’m not doing it by choice!”