A local parent says he painfully relates to the name of latest James Bond film: “No Time to Die”. Darren Underwood claims that his schedule is so jam-packed right now that he just wouldn’t be able to squeeze in his untimely death until “maybe in June or something, when things quieten down for winter”.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his cluttered calendar, Underwood said, “I’m legit too busy. We’ve had something on every night this week. And then the weekend is all over the joint. If I die this week, the misso will be so mad at me. Seriously.”

While he seemed to have no idea about the plotline of the upcoming Bond film, Underwood also said that he could relate to the world-renowned spy. Underwood said, “Old Jimmy boy, oh yeah, I understand his predicament. I’m a man of action too. The only difference is, I have a license to thrill instead of a license to kill. Haha.”