A Watsonia mother has pulled off the miraculous feat of convincing her pre-school aged children that sultanas are in fact lollies. Steph Ronaldson successfully implemented the detailed plan to deceive her children over several months, to the point where they now believe that getting a handful of shrivelled grapes is akin to getting a handful of m&ms.

While Ronaldson is extremely pleased with her efforts, she is realistic that the deception will have a relatively short shelf life, admitting to The Watsonia Bugle that her kids will probably work it out by the time they start going to school. She said, “I reckon I’ll get at least a couple of years out of this, but then the trick will be up once they start having sleep overs at their friends’ places”.

Ronaldson also said she was the envy of her entire mothers group, with some of her friends saying she should write a book about the ruse. She said, “Yeah Rebecca, my best mate, reckons I should write a book, or at least a blog, that details the plan step-by-step. That might be a bit much, but I’ll think about it.”