A local tomato sauce enthusiast has “cut out the middle man” and attached a squeeze nozzle to a two-litre bottle of his favourite condiment. Benjamin Jansen says he got the idea from a meme, and whilst the idea germinated in his mind for almost six months, he’d only just put it into action.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his innovation, Jansen said, “Yeah mate, I’d thought about it for a while, but had kind of dismissed it as too outrageous to implement. But then a couple of weeks ago I just decided to give it a go and, guess what, it’s been an absolute time saver. I always hated refilling the bottle, it was a real drainer. I’m time-poor enough without having to go through that laborious process once a week or fortnight.”

Jansen also claimed that the move had other unexpected benefits. He said, “Obviously I just did it as a time saver initially, but I can feel my arms getting more toned with each use. Them bottles are pretty heavy. Plus I’m cutting down on plastic waste, so it’s good for the environment, too. I’m onto a winner here.”