A local homemaker says he is still waiting for IKEA to open in Campbellfield, patiently waiting for the Swedish furniture chain to open alongside the Ring Road as was announced years ago. Fraser Owen said he’s been waiting so long that he’s started to think that maybe the store won’t be opening as promised.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Owen said, “I’ve been waiting for years, man. I need some of that flat-packed goodness a little closer to home. Our nearest store is at Vic Gardens in Richmond, but it’s an absolute nightmare trying to get into that place. The car park is a rabbit warren. I need a store in the open expanses of Campbellfield, right on the banks of the Ring Road. C’mon IKEA, I’m starting to lose my patience.”

Owen conceded that he lost a fair chunk of his optimism for the new retail location when they removed the carefully placed shipping container with the big ‘IKEA’ sign stuck on the side. He said, “Mate, that sign was marketing genius. Every time I saw it as I was driving down the Ring Road I’d yearn for that store to open. When the shipping container disappeared a few years ago I lost a bit of hope, but I’m standing firm. It’s gonna happen.”