A local man who lists nine sports teams from seven different sports and competitions across the globe has been accused of spreading his nuff too thin. While the appropriate number of sporting franchises that you can legitimately support remains unclear, Grant Nelson’s friends have reportedly told him that nine is too many.

Nelson’s bio on his Facebook profile lists “Collingwood Magpies, Aussie Cricket Team, Melbourne Stars, Utah Jazz, Melbourne Storm, Melbourne United, Melbourne Ice, Dallas Cowboys and Manchester United” as his true sporting loves, but friends have said this is too much and confronted him about the issue last weekend over a few beers. Nelson has refused to speak about the intervention, and apparently stormed off midway through the conversation with his friends, telling them they just don’t understand the depth of his sporting passions.

One of Nelson’s closest friends, Cam Young, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Nine is just too many. I mean, how can he seriously commit to that many teams and sports, he needs to cut a few of them and just say that he takes a passing interest in those teams. Especially as a Collingwood fan, because that requires an elevated level of nuff that ultimately reduces the amount of the nuff that you can give to other causes.”