A local salt and vinegar chip enthusiast misconstrues a well-meaning piece of coronavirus prevention advice, taking the opportunity to indulge in his favourite pastime during this time of trouble. Paul Gordon says that he saw a meme that encouraged people to rinse their throats with salt or vinegar, so he’s currently rinsing his throat in a combination of the two: in chip form.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Gordon said, “It says salt OR vinegar. Well, I’m not taking any chances… I’m dosing with both. I’ve just been eating packet after packet since yesterday. My mouth’s a bit tingly, but the experts say there are side-affects to every type medicine.”

While Gordon conceded that he hadn’t consulted any medical professionals about his unorthodox preventative approach, he said he’d stick with it. “So far so good mate, no corona for me, touch wood. So I’m loading up on the good old salt and vinegars. No toilet paper, no pasta, no flour, but plenty of chippies. I’m all set.”