A football commentator has referenced Scott Pendlebury’s basketball background while reporting on the Collingwood captain’s “flu-like symptoms” leading to a potential quarantine situation. The reporter, who’ll remain nameless, made the odd connection during a live radio cross earlier this afternoon, reporting that, “It seems odd that Pendlebury would find himself in this situation, as his basketball background has always enabled him to find space in heavy traffic, and the ability to make calm and measured decisions.”

While footy reporters are notorious for referencing Pendlebury’s basketball history, it’s believed this is the first time the connection has been made to the star midfielder’s off-field health. One keen AFL media consumer, Nath Brabender, told The Watsonia Bugle, “They’re taking the piss there surely? The bloke’s crook, in a time of global crisis, and they’re dragging that tired old link out. It’s pathetic if you ask me.”

In a strange coincidence, the reporter’s linking of the two sports has sparked broader questions amongst sports followers in these uncertain times. Brabender said, “If we’re talking about basketball and football, what makes the AFL think they can be any different to the NBA, not to mention mid-week basketball at Diamond Valley. I mean, I know the TV rights are worth a bit of coin, but how can the AFL think they’ll just keep on playing games while all this is going on? They pinch all their other ideas from the States, so why are they ignoring American developments now?”