Prominent AFL umpire Razor Ray Chamberlain has reportedly been spotted policing social distancing at a local supermarket, with eyewitnesses claiming he was overly officious and spoke back to shoppers a little too much. One such witness contacted The Watsonia Bugle last night to complain about the intrusion to the already stressful experience of visiting a supermarket in the midst of a global pandemic.

The anonymous witness said, “It was a bit much if you ask me. He just kept blowing his whistle and backchatting everyone. There’s a fine line between administering the rules and being overly familiar with the combatants. As usual, Razor treaded that line very closely.”

Meanwhile, another witness said she empathised with Chamberlain, suggesting he was struggling with the current cessation of AFL activity. She said, “People only think of the players and coaches being out of action, nobody thinks of the umpires! Razor’s used to being prime time during the AFL season, and he’s obviously struggling without that in his life right now.”