A pedestrian tunnel in Watsonia North has recently been converted into an elegant skate-friendly lounge room, which is expected to drive up real estate values in the local area. The innovative improvements – including hand-crafted quarter pipe – were first spotted by a reader this morning, with speculation growing about the DIYer (or DIYers) responsible for the classy makeover in the notorious thoroughfare that runs underneath the Greensborough Bypass.

While clickbait media has been abuzz over the last fortnight for the Brisbane house that includes a full-size skate bowl in its living room, it seems local youths have attempted to replicate that multi-purpose vibe right here in the Diamond Valley. While our version lacks the six bedrooms, heated pool, and tropical charm of that Brisbane house, it does feature half of an L-shaped couch, generous airflow, street art mural, council-funded lighting, and a bodacious concrete quarter pipe.

According to local real estate empresario Darren Collins, the renovated lounge space is the perfect example of what can be done with a bit of innovative thinking, careful planning, and a generous does of elbow grease. Collins said, “This is exactly what I mean when I say something is a ‘renovator’s dream’. Whoever’s created this unique space should look into a permanent career in interior design. It’s quite remarkable, and that concrete quarter pipe is the ultimate point of difference. Buyers pay big money for that kind of gimmicky stuff.”