Eddie McGuire has reportedly picked a fight with Montmorency Football Club for what he described as “an obvious similarity between their football jumpers and that of the Collingwood Football Club”. Presumably expanding upon the current war he’s waging with AFL rivals Port Adelaide, McGuire is believed to have requested a written explanation from the local football club by COB today or he’ll launch legal action.

An anonymous source from within the football industry contacted us this morning the leak the story, while powerbrokers at Montmorency scramble to work out if Eddie is actually serious or not. The source said, “It’s a bit left-field I know, but I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Although I don’t know what kind of jurisdiction Collingwood’s Magpies would have on this matter. And if they stop Monty wearing the black and white stripes, just about every other club in the NFL will have to change their jumpers too. It would be a nightmare.”

Port Adelaide’s desire to wear their traditional “prison bar” jumper more often in AFL games has long drawn the ire of McGuire, with tensions escalating even further this year. While most footy fans seem to think it’s just something that Eddie and David Koch actually care about, the story doesn’t seem to be facing a natural death any time soon. And if this latest rumour is true, the dispute seems destined to remain in the headlines for at least a few more days.

More to come.