A somewhat delusional Macleod man has claimed that his section of our neighbouring suburb should be officially dubbed “The Peninsula of the North”. British expat Franc Markus has told The Watsonia Bugle that not only does the geographic shape of the odd slither of Macleod (seen above) resemble a traditional peninsula, but the region also contains the kind of culture and lifestyle that has made the Mornington Peninsula world famous.

While we’ve previously highlighted some cartographical anomalies in Diamond Valley suburb borderlines before, we’d never noticed Macleod’s odd protrusion that inserts itself into the unusual juncture of Watsonia, Greensborough and Yallambie. That was until this week when Markus contacted us to suggest the official naming of a Macleod region that most people assumed was part of Watsonia.

Speaking with impressive conviction, Markus said, “It’s all been a well-kept secret until now. That little pocket of Macleod benefits from the inflated house values of the postcode, while strategically avoiding the suburb’s devastating lack of a bakery. Watsy Road is just around the corner, so you get the convenience of accessing the culinary delights of that precinct while still being able to tell people that you live in Macleod. It’s amazing.”

Interestingly, Yallambie Road is actually home to a residential vineyard but, sadly for Markus, that property actually sits in the Yallambie jurisdiction, weakening his push for the official naming as “The Peninsula of the North”. In response to that, Markus said, “Yeah, yeah, I know that. But that’s not the point. That little pocket of Macleod is a true gem, you have the serene beauty of the army barracks bushland to the south, and easy access to some of Victoria’s best restaurants. And Liquorland on Watsy Road always has heaps good wine deals. What more could you want?”