The nation’s sports fans have again been forced to grapple with the concept that not all AFL players are clear and rational thinkers. The concept has again been brought to the fore by news this week that Collingwood player Steele Sidebottom tipped a few beers in last weekend and then made some odd transportation choices.

Watsonia man, and avid sports fan, Fraser Johnson has told The Watsonia Bugle that he was staggered by Sidebottom’s obvious flouting of the AFL’s strict post-COVID rules around what players can and can’t do. Johnson said, “Mate, I just don’t get it. The rules were very clear. And it’s not like these guys have made it to the top of their chosen profession by being natural-born risk takers. So, I just can’t understand how and why they’d attempt to bend the rules and get away with it.”

In addition to his shock over the protocol breach, Johnson said he was also blindsided by the nature of the alleged incident. Johnson said, “Normally I’m saying ‘Why didn’t they just catch an Uber?’ when one of them gets pinged drink driving or something. But this time I’m asking ‘Why did they catch an Uber?’ It’s such an evolving story.”