A local renegade has boasted about not completely following the cooking instructions for a box of frozen chicken tenders, boldly claiming that he doesn’t bother to turn each piece halfway through the recommended cooking time. Watsonia resident Russell Leonard made the bold claim on his niche cooking blog entitled “Russelling Something Up for Dinner”, asserting that his rogue approach made no different to the end result.

Clarifying his comments in a brief interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Leonard said, “I’m telling ya, mate, it makes absolutely no difference. You’re wasting your time if you risk life and limb to stick your hand into a scolding hot oven just to flip those tenders. It makes zero difference to the deliciousness of the chicken tenders.”

Leonard also revealed that he refused to rotate other frozen goods when cooking them in the oven. He said, “Yep, all of them. Like, wedges, chips, potato gems, all the good stuff. I used to turn them like a schmuck, but now I just kick back and let the oven do all the hard work. It’s revolutionised the way I prepare frozen goods in my kitchen. Seriously.”