A local woman claims she is attempting to follow in the footsteps of “Karen from Brighton”, and will become an Internet sensation by the end of this week. The self-styled “Wendy from Watsonia” says she can empathise with Karen’s boredom, and is seeking a change of scenery as the harsh reality of Lockdown 2.0 starts to close in on her daily life.

Having allegedly already walked all of the streets in Watsonia and Watsonia North, Wendy’s boredom has led her further afield, and she is now travelling as far as Lower Plenty to go for a walk with friends, in the vain hope of being interviewed for a nightly news bulletin. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Wendy said, “Why should people south of the Yarra get all the media attention? I too am travelling multiple suburbs from my home to go walking with friends. I hope Channel 7 or someone is down at the Plenty River Trail tomorrow morning, I’ll give them something quotable. I want my 15 minutes of fame. And I want it now.”

The so-called “Karen from Brighton” shot to fame over the weekend after being interviewed at The Tan and asked why she’d travelled so far for some daily exercise with her friend. Her response of, “Well, you get sick of walking the same streets. You know, I’ve done all of Brighton,” was so incredibly meme-able that she was famous by Sunday, and then referenced by Premier Daniel Andrews in his daily briefing.

Exactly how successful Wendy from Watsonia will be in emulating Karen’s stubborn refusal to be tamed by a global pandemic remains to be seen, but she sure will need media coverage from a bigger outlet than The Watsonia Bugle to gain any kind of traction out there on the Interwebs.