An in-depth study into stress relief has revealed that loudly asking “what is wrong with people?” is actually the cheapest and healthiest way to relieve tension and anger. The study analysed a wide variety of common stress relief techniques, including exercise, binge drinking, chain smoking, firing a gun into the sky, and swearing loudly in an enclosed space.

While some experts have questioned the findings, the lead researcher from the study, Rick Hughes, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It just ticks all the boxes as far as releasing anger from the body – i.e. the natural release experienced from yelling loudly, the ability to inform others that you are annoyed by something, and the blaming of others for your current predicament. And when you compare it to all of the other common techniques – such as excessive smoking, drinking your body weight in alcohol, or starting a fist fight – it is by far much cheaper and healthier.”

Watsonia resident Carol Fraser swears by the technique. She said, “I bloody love it. I probably say it at work at least two to three times a day, sometimes even seven or eight times on a bad day. And then when I’m having a few wines with the girls on a weekend, we all bring it out regularly. It’s perfectly applicable in so many situations.”