Genuine fears are held over a rare yellow cockatoo’s ability to fly, after it has seemingly been stranded in a prominent Greensborough tree for over a year. The tree, which stands one the edge of The Circuit, just across the train line from the RSL, has played home to the eye-catching cockatoo for long enough that regular motorists in the area are now worried the cockatoo has damaged wings.

One such motorist, Callum Fallon, contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to ask whether we knew more about the cockatoo’s welfare and wellbeing. Fallon said, “That cocky’s just been perched in there for ages, have youse heard anything about it? Does it have a bung wing or something? I mean, I’m genuinely starting to get worried about the little guy.”

Preliminary investigations into the matter have proven inconclusive, with amateur twitcher Larry Owen promising to monitor the situation. Owen said, “I love doing a bit of sleuthing. My favourite television show is actually Midsomer Murders, so I know a thing or two about solving mysteries. I might set myself up in that odd little triangle-shaped car park opposite the pub, go undercover, and really get to the bottom of this.”

More to come.