Surveillance cameras have been installed to monitor Watsonia’s most common road rule breach: the devilish motorists that turn into the IGA car park from Watsonia Road rather than entering from the rear laneway like normal law-abiding citizens. The excitement has been palpable in the heart of Watsonia’s CBD this week, as locals take notice of the new sign that suggests something is finally being done about our region’s most heinous of traffic crimes.

The misdemeanour has been so widely condemned over the years that we once reported on it being reclassified to run parallel with war crime status, after years of local residents complaining about the actions of out-of-towners and deliberate rule breakers. We took to Watsonia Road this morning to interview locals about this interesting development, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Long-time Watsonia resident Darren Flanburry said, “It’s about bloody time, mate. I’m not usually on-board with Big Brother type tactics, but this is exactly what is needed. The people who drive into this car park from Watsonia Road drive me nuts! If you ask me, the authorities should be watching this more closely than the compulsory mask rule. The pillars of a civilised society are thus: good manners, respect, and not turning into the IGA car park from Watsonia Road. We need this more than ever.”