A local kangaroo has been caught exceeding the new one hour per day exercise allowance, allegedly seen hopping around the Watsonia North streets for at least an hour and a half. The anonymous marsupial was spotted early this morning, and investigators are now trying to track him down for questioning.

One eyewitness, Watsonia North resident Callum Granger, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, that cheeky little bloke was hopping around for ages. Would definitely have been going for more than an hour. Not to mention whether he was further than five kilometres from home. Some people just don’t learn do they.”

The kangaroo’s apparent cavalier attitude towards Melbourne’s current predicament has been described by some observers as the exact reason we are now living in a state of disaster. Social scientist Professor Harry Nambour said, “When individuals don’t think the rules apply to them, that’s when cracks appear in a civilised society. That fitness-fanatic roo is the perfect example. Get out, do your exercise, and go home. Anything more than an hour is irresponsible. I bet he wasn’t even wearing a mask.”

Image courtesy of Facebook.