A Watsonia child has requested a deep plot analysis of his last book for the night, obviously in an attempt to delay his impending bed time. While Lachie McInnes listened reasonably quietly to his first three books of the night, he took obvious issue with the last one, asking multiple questions of his parents during the final book, including queries about the most innocuous features of the otherwise well-illustrated book.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Lachie’s mum Kara said, “He’ll try anything for an extra five minutes before bed time. Just listened quietly for the first few books, then all of a sudden he wants to know every detail of every page. It happens every night. He’s like a condemned inmate on death row. He’s kidding himself.”

When we contacted Lachie for his side of the story he insisted that he was genuinely interested in the narrative flow of Where is the Green Sheep?, despite not being able to maintain eye contact with us at any stage of the video interview. He kept saying, “I just really wanted to know how and why the purple sheep got to be the colour he is. The book didn’t explain that, and I wanted to know. So lay off me alright.”