The mysterious yellow cockatoo that’s perched in a tree on The Circuit in Greensborough has allegedly taken a lover to help get through next lockdown phase. Last month, the previously solo cockatoo had sparked genuine fears about its welfare, before a local bird whisperer revealed that the rare cocky was just taking the #stayathome advice extra seriously.

That same bird enthusiast, Larry Owen, has now contacted The Watsonia Bugle to confirm the new love match, revealing that new restrictions regarding movement around the suburbs of Melbourne had forced the hand of the original cockatoo. Owen said, “The original bird in that tree had been fighting the formalisation of his relationship with another yellow cocky, but the prospect of six weeks alone meant he finally asked his lover to move in with him. Sure, moving in with someone in these intense conditions may seem risky, but it was a risk he was willing to take.”

The cockatoo’s decision is believed to be mirrored across the city, as previously staunch bachelors and commitment phobes have been forced to make some difficult decisions ahead of tomorrow night’s deadline. Local relationship consultant Helen Klinger said, “We should be inspired by this strange all-yellow cockatoo. He was fiercely independent up until last week, but has now decided to take the plunge in arguably the most difficult co-habitation climate we’ve ever seen in Melbourne. Kudos to him, I hope it all works out.”