A local Essendon supporter says he’s enjoying having his hopes crushed twice a week instead of just once, as the revised AFL fixture squeezes more games into his weekly routine. Jordan Miller contacted The Watsonia Bugle early this morning to express his pleasure about mid-week AFL matches, in the wake of Essendon’s draw against the Gold Coast Suns last night.

In a wide-ranging interview, Miller said, “Yeah mate, honestly, this is good. I used to confine my heart-break to weekends, but now I can feel that same rush of devastation on a Wednesday night as well. It’s great, really makes me feel alive. Last night was a classic. I really enjoyed it.”

Miller also said the frequent disappointment provided by his team in the last month or so has been felt more acutely as he had high hopes for their chances this year. He said, “In many ways, our season has been a microcosm for 2020 as a whole. We started well, hopes were high, then we copped a bit of a hit after we lost to the Bulldogs. Since then, things have just gone from bad to worse. And I really thought this was our year. You know, Mo Daniher was gonna get his body right, and we were gonna give the competition a real shake. Oh well.”