A self-styled local rapper has given himself the stage name of “Darren from Brighton” in an ambitious attempt to cash in on Karen from Brighton’s current infamy. Obviously keen to grab his 15 minutes of fame before the moment passes, Darren Clemmens says the novelty factor behind his new pseudonym could be just the thing that launches his burgeoning talent onto an international stage.

In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Clemmens said, “This could be my shot at the big time. Showbiz is all about the social media traction these days, not musical talent, originality or having an interesting story to tell. If I can ride Karen from Brighton’s coattails into some kind of notoriety, I’ll get famous real quick. I mean, even you blokes latched your caravan onto the back of the Karen train.”

While Clemmens insisted that his debut album was still in the pre-production phase at the moment, he claimed he was in the difficult process of choosing his debut hit single. He said, “Yeah man, I’ve whittled it down to a couple. I’ve got the foot-tapping ‘My Carona’, the romantic ‘Lockdown Lover’, and the political statement ‘Walk The Tan’. I reckon it’s down to those three, so I just need to choose before I start shopping around with the recording companies.”