One of Watsonia’s many homeschooling parents has openly challenged his son Lachlan’s teacher’s assertion that making your own playdough is a fun activity for all the family. Darren Hitchcock followed all the instructions this morning whilst creating the colourful mixture, but denies any fun was had during the complicated process.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Hitchcock said, “In the instructional video, my kid’s teacher said it would be fun to make. Well, I’m here to tell you, it was not fun. It was a gigantic bloody mess. There was food dye flying all over the place, Lachie knocked the flour container off the bench, and I thought the saucepan would be ruined forever when I spooned the mixture out at the end and muck was caked all over the base. The main emotion I felt was stress.”

While Hitchcock conceded the end result was reasonably favourable, his trust in the teacher has now been shaken. He said, “How am I supposed to believe her next time she says something about my son’s education? I’m just gonna be calling bullshit the whole time, thinking ‘remember that time you lied to me about the playdough’. How do I recover from this?”