Scientists from a local university are reportedly struggling to pinpoint exactly what “barbecue” flavour is, despite months of intense research into the topic. While they have vowed to continue the search, at least one member of the research team admitted to The Watsonia Bugle that she was not optimistic about their chances.

In an exclusive interview, the same scientist (who requested strict anonymity) said, “One of the most complicating factors in trying to pinpoint the exact taste is that there are so many different iterations of it out there in the marketplace. Just at your local supermarket there are so many different flavours all claiming to be barbecue. You’ve got Shapes, chips, sauce, etc. And they’re all slightly different.”

While one outcome of the research has been a call for more governance around the naming of certain food products, it’s hard to imagine that any of the manufacturers will be willing to relinquish such an ambiguous flavour name. The scientist said, “I mean, how do you choose between barbecue chips and barbecue Shapes. That’s two very different flavours, but each with their own special place in the hearts of junk food eaters.”