Flake has made a bold move down the Cadbury Favourites pecking order, dropping below Turkish Delight to become the least preferred option in the box. This comes after almost a generation of near-empty Favourites boxes having nothing but a couple of Turkish Delights in them, and gathering dust in the pantry for months until someone in the house gets so desperate for chocolate that they dive in for the former least favourite Favourite.

It appears these desperate chocolate hunters are behind the demotion for Flake, as this breed of rabid foragers discover that Turkish Delight is actually not too bad. 29-year-old Macleod millennial, Tim Sotherby, who still lives at home with his parents, says “I just assumed the Turkish Delights were no good cos they were all that was left, but a few months ago I was hanging for some chocolate and it was too long after Easter to find any stray no name eggs so I went for a ‘TD’ and you know what, it was alright”.

The move comes as a severe blow to the long-term feasibility of Flake. An insider at Cadbury claims that the Flake sales team have become the butt of all jokes, giving the long suffering Turkish Delight sales team an overdue break. The insider said, “The Flake guys have copped it hard. There’s been all the usual cheap gags like ‘your jobs are all looking a bit flakey now’, to an all-time razz last Friday when one of the Turkish Delight guys dressed in traditional Turkish garb for our weekly Zoom meeting and then got up to dance on a mock grave in his home office, complete with a tombstone that had ‘Flake RIP 2018’ on it. It was awesome.”

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