A local man says he’s genuinely worried that less driving time this year will have a negative impact on his bold singing aspirations, claiming he’s missing out on between one to two hours of practice each work day. Kelvin Hamilton had been harbouring these fears for the last couple of months before publicly voicing them last night to his bemused wife.

Reflecting on the outcome of that marital conversation, Hamilton said, “She didn’t seem all that interested to be honest. At first she laughed, but then I think she saw the look in my eye that showed I was serious. From there she just tried to change the subject. But ignoring the problem is not going to help anyone, it’ll just make it worse.”

Hamilton estimated that in a normal week when he was commuting to and from his inner-city office, he was clocking in excess of 10 hours of unprompted singing practice per week. He said, “I mean, I didn’t always sing in the car, I tend to sing from the soul, which means I really needed to be in the mood to belt out a few ballads. But I just took that volume of available time for granted. What I’d give for just a slither of that weekly time allowance now.”