A local supermarket continues to enforce a rather odd height clearance rule for some unknown reason. Greensborough Safeway mandates that vehicles accessing its rooftop car park fit under a 2.4-metre height barrier, despite the very nature of the rooftop car park meaning it is surrounded by fresh air and is seemingly unencumbered by overhead dangers.

One local shopper contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to discuss the matter, claiming that the signage had perplexed him for quite some time. According to Darren Bannister, “I just don’t get it. Sure, you don’t necessarily want people driving up there with giraffes in their trailers, but surely you could give them a bit more leeway. Especially when you consider the ground level car park has one of the lowest hanging ceilings in the Diamond Valley. That place feels like you’re actually underground.”

And this is certainly not the first controversy to hit the somewhat hidden parking option, with The Watsonia Bugle previously covering such hard-hitting matters as the direction of the escalators that transport people to and from the supermarket, and the pithy fashion advice dispensed by the warning sign on that same escalator. Do you know why this restriction is in place? Please contact us and let us know.