An inflatable axe-throwing Santa decoration that depicts Saint Nick hurling hatchets at a reindeer that is strapped to a rotating bullseye target has been… umm… axed. The item, which had been available at Bunnings until it was recently removed from shelves, was retrospectively deemed inappropriate by the hardware chain, putting local Clark Griswold wannabes back on the search for something a bit different for this year’s Christmas lights.

In fact, one local Christmas lights enthusiast claims the withdrawal of the axe-wielding Santa has thrown a real spanner into the works of his plans for this year. According to Craig Richards, “This year was always going to be big. With all this COVID stuff going on, I was going to really up the ante on me decos this Christmas. And that crazy-eyed Santa was going to be the centrepiece. He would’ve looked bloody awesome putting the fear of death into old mate Blitzen.”

Richards then claimed the removal of controversial item was typical “PC madness gone wrong”. He said, “World’s gone mad, mate. If you can’t affix your family pet to a rotating bullseye and then piff hatchets at them, what can you do? There’s no fun in the world anymore.”