A local Bombers fan has controversially binned a previously beloved children’s book about his AFL club due to what he refers to as “factual inaccuracies”. Damien Jackson made the difficult decision earlier today due to tomorrow’s impending bin day, ruthlessly discarding the book due to its description of Joe Daniher as a “rising star” for the red and black.

Following reports of Daniher’s intention to leave Essendon, Jackson has decided to put his foot down. He said, “It was bad enough that it referenced Jobe Watson’s 2012 Brownlow win, but now with all this Joe Daniher stuff, the book has to go. It says he’s a rising star for the Bombers. He’s had OP for three years. But nobody’s had OP since the mid-2000s! The bloke’s cooked.”

While Jackson was yet to inform his children of the callous decision to discard the book, he claims it will be an important lesson for them to understand the level of ruthlessness required to win the club’s first final in 15 years. Jackson said, “All these kids have known in their lifetime is mediocrity. It’s time for Essendon to get more ruthless, and chucking out that misleading piece of literature is the first step.”