A group of so-called “Ghosts of Pizza Hut past” are regularly haunting the staff at a local car dealership that is based in the former premises of the popular pizza chain. The car yard, on Grimshaw Street in Bundoora, is alleged to be home to “multiple paranormal phenomenons” that date back to the venue’s former use, relating specifically to the provision of all you can eat deals that were hit with reckless abandon in the 1990s.

An anonymous source contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week to share news of the problem, claiming that staff are frequently spooked by phantom noises such as forks tapping on hard pasta bake lids, the shuddering of the soft serve machine, and the hollow screams of discarded pizza crusts. The source said, “Every building has a history, especially one that spans back decades like this one. If these walls could talk, I’m sure they could tell many tales of food-based debauchery, specifically in that all you can eat era when patrons left any skerrick of human decency at the door to gorge themselves with pizza, pasta, garlic bread, soft serve, and whatever else they could get their grubby hands on.”

The source also claimed that the faint echo of violent vomiting could occasionally be heard from the corner of the building where the bathrooms were. They said, “Not all the time, maybe once a week or so, you hear that sound. Some tortured souls have purged themselves in this building, and I guess they are continuing to do so.”