After footage of a large brown snake swimming at a Queensland beach did the rounds on Facebook earlier this week, a local wildlife expert has accused the slippery serpent of trying to copy the viral exploits of the native Kalparrin Lake humpback whale from earlier this year. Swimmers and pet dogs were left to scramble for safety at Point Cartwright over the weekend when the extremely venomous snake was spotted slithering across the surface of the water, quickly becoming an internet sensation in the process.

Speaking of internet sensations, in April this year, with COVID-enforced lockdown in place across Melbourne, the planet began to heal after decades of misuse, and a native humpback whale was spotted frolicking in Greensborough’s Kalparrin Lake. And it was that natural miracle that had local zoologist Kenneth Daniels accusing the Point Cartwright brown snake of trying to cash in our whale’s online fame.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Daniels said, “There’s nothing worse than a copycat. And I should know. I’m a trained zoologist, so I know all about cats. Big ones and small ones. And that snake is the biggest copycat of them all. What a tryhard.”