A local office worker forgot his password yesterday morning after a few weeks of killing brain cells and enjoying life during his summer holidays. William Nailor arrived at his home office desk yesterday in a semi-daze and just stared at his computer screen for almost five whole minutes before conceding defeat and calling IT to admit he was a space cadet.

While IT had been busy fielding similar calls all morning, they successfully provided Nailor with access to the company database and he was able to go about his barely productive day. Reflecting on the ordeal, Nailor said, “I knew I had a good break but that was the real confirmation. When you forget your password you know you’ve done good.”

Nailor also admitted that it had been a very unproductive morning. He said, “Let’s be honest here: not much has been done. I made coffee, spoke to a few people on the phone, deleted some emails, read some Bugle articles, and that’s about it. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have remembered why I’m employed here. But for now, I’m really not sure.”