In one of many unexpected consequences of our area no longer receiving a weekly printed newspaper, a Watsonia club cricketer has walked away from the game this season. Dwayne Reynolds recently told teammates that if he didn’t have a chance of being immortalised in the Diamond Valley News every so often, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice two nights a week and most of his Saturday playing the game he was been committed to for over 15 years.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his premature retirement, 29-year-old Reynolds said, “Mate, to be honest, there’s no point toiling away over after over if I don’t have an outside chance of getting my mug in the local paper. It just makes the whole game irrelevant.”

Reynolds also dismissed the notion that the advent of social media arguably gave him more chances to have his on-field performances broadcast to the world. He said, “What, a Facebook post or something on the ‘Gram? Please, those moments are just fleeting. Every household in the region used to get a copy of that paper. So, everyone from my granny to my primary school bully would get to see that I’ve made something of myself. Social media doesn’t hold a candle to that type of reach.”