Wally, from the award-winning series Where’s Wally, has released a tell-all memoir exploring his crippling identity crisis that was spawned by his popular books. The new release, creatively entitled Who’s Wally?, intimately explores how Wally came to grips with his worldwide fame as children across the globe keenly searched for him in crowded streetscapes.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his new memoir, Wally said, “It was actually my therapist that encouraged me to share my story to the world. For so many years everyone just wanted to know where I was, not who I was. I mean, nobody even cared about why I kept losing important personal items like my walking stick and my camera, as I travelled the world to shoot new and more challenging scenes.”

Wally also shared how countless people would fun up to him in the street and either yell, “WHERE’S WALLY?” or “HEY EVERYONE, I’VE FOUND HIM!” Such regular public confrontations forced Wally to lock himself away in his home, which just left him with more time to confront the challenging question of who he was.

Critics have applauded the new memoir, saying it reveals a previously unseen side of arguably the world’s most wanted man. It will be available from all good book stores from next week.