Local residents have expressed their anger about what many are describing as ‘misleading’ rankings on a website that reviews Australian suburbs. The website, named homely, drew criticism this week for its seemingly odd suburb ranking metric, with many residents of the Diamond Valley pointing to the ordering of suburbs in our region as misleading.

According to homely, out of all of Melbourne, the following local suburbs have been ranked:

– 17th Montmorency

– 52nd Macleod

– 93rd Diamond Creek

– 115th Greensborough

– 186th Watsonia

– 219th Eltham

– 234th Bundoora

While Watsonians are no stranger to being unfairly snubbed when it comes to suburb comparisons, they have pointed to Eltham’s lowly position to question the accuracy of this latest ranking. According to one anonymous resident, “At first, I was just mad to see Watsy so low on the list, but then when I saw where some of the others fell, I started to question the whole system. I mean, secretly I liked seeing Eltham down so low, but there’s no way Diamo is 126 suburbs ahead of Eltham. Homely, pls.”

If fact, it was Diamond Creek’s relatively high ranking, coupled with Eltham’s unexpected position, that rankled most local residents. In a quick vox pop conducted on Watsonia Road earlier this morning, over 80% of the people surveyed agreed that Diamo and Eltham needed to be swapped if the rankings were to ever be taken seriously. One respondent said, “Look, I’m not happy with Macleod sitting so high. I mean, they don’t even have a bakery. I understand that some people might be into that kind of thing. I’m not, but some people might be. But I can’t sit quietly a cop Diamo being that far ahead of Watsy. There’s no way at all that Diamo is a better place to live than Watsonia. And I’ll die on that hill… with plenty of company I’d imagine.”