Owners of a new airbnb listing in the local area have conceded that initial uptake has been slow, but remain confident the location’s natural beauty will soon attract multiple bookings. Despite the accommodation’s convenient location to nearby shops, nature reserves, and sporting facilities, it seems no bookings have been made just yet.

Owners of the controversial new development, which was criticised widely at the beginning of the week by members of the Watsonia Community Voice Facebook group, are currently blaming COVID-19 travel restrictions for the lack of custom. They said, “Typical bloody COVID mate. I mean, what do you expect? Nobody is allowed to travel here from interstate or overseas, and that’s basically our entire target market. Once those borders are open, I reckon will be turning people away from this joint. There’ll be a waiting list and that, it’ll be going gangbusters.”

Meanwhile, local travel agent Stacey Hamilton is not quite as confident about the listing’s future earnings potential. She said, “Sure, the location’s not bad, but there are literally no amenities. At best, you might be able to fill up your drink bottle and have a shower under that blue hose thing across the road but, even then, who knows where that water comes from. Plus, it looks like you have to bring your own bedding too, so that’s always a deterrent for people that are travelling all over the country. The last thing you want to add to your carry-on luggage is a fitted sheet, doona, and pillows. I can’t see that place getting too many bookings in the short-term.”