A local boozehound says he is growing increasingly uncomfortable about the regular reminders of just how much his preferred bottle shop knows about his drinking habits. James Samson claims the frequent emails from the bottle shop have provided “an unwelcome public record of just how much piss I rip into on an average week”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the issue, Samson said, “I signed up as a member a few years back just so I could make the most of them specials and that, but now it’s becoming a bit of a problem. Vodka was on special last week, so I bought in bulk, knowing that those three one-litre bottles would last me a while. But then yesterday I get an email prompting me to re-order because my drinks cupboard might be ‘starting to look a bit bare’. Like, what’s that supposed to mean?”

While Samson conceded that the cadence of re-order emails was most likely based his recent purchase history, he indicated that the last person he wanted reminding him of his drinking habits was his bottle shop. He said, “Those kinds of confronting observations are normally delivered by my wife or me mates. I’m used to them judging me. But I don’t want judgement from my bottle shop. That’s too much.”