After a long and hard 20-year search, the members of Tenacious D claim they are no closer to remembering the melody and/or lyrics for the greatest song in the world. And the odd case of artistic amnesia has occurred despite the fact they conjured up the self-proclaimed greatest ever song in quite memorable circumstances – namely being threatened by a shiny demon to play the best song in the world or have their souls eaten right then and there.

This year marks a full 20 years since the release of the autobiographical song ‘Tribute’, and while that reminder might only serve to make you feel really old, that’s cold comfort for Tenacious D members Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Sources close to the band claim the pair have spent most of those 20 years racking their brains in an attempt to recall the gist of the song they sang on that night a long time ago.

However, that deep search has so far proven unsuccessful, with the duo privately conceding they are no closer to the truth than they were two decades ago when their tribute song became a global hit. Our anonymous source said, “You might think it’s all just a big laugh because they were kind of a parody band, but this is serious business. Do you know how profitable it would be to become the composers, writers and chief performers of the greatest song ever released? We’re talking some serious coin.”