The people of Bundoora are reportedly attempting to reclaim the bowling alley that they believe is theirs, currently working on a campaign to change the name of the Grimshaw Street entertainment hub from “Greensborough Lanes” to “Bundy Lanes”. For over 20 years now, the ten pin bowling alley has been known as Greensborough Lanes, despite clearly residing in the suburb of Bundoora, and the sunny clime of Watsonia sitting in between both Greensborough and Bundoora.

Passionate Bundoora resident Vinny Graeme first contacted The Watsonia Bugle late last week to alert us to the proposed name change, telling us that it was “about time the people of Bundoora take back what is rightfully ours”. He also said, “It’s just obvious mate, any halfwit who can read a map will tell you that the lanes are in Bundoora, so why on earth have Greensy got their dirty hands on it?”

While Graeme is yet to go into specifics about the proposed campaign to reclaim the lanes, he did say that, “Heaps of me neighbours and that are on board. I’ve just gotta get me daughter to set up one of them pages so we can start an official petition and let the power of the people do the rest.”

Management from Greensborough Lanes have so far been unavailable for comment.