In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, Brodie Grundy has finally addressed the persistent rumours linking him to British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. Collingwood’s star ruckman agreed to the interview earlier this week, claiming he was tired of people linking him the album cover of the band’s seminal album Rumours.

Directly addressing the ongoing innuendo, Grundy said, “It’s not me, mate. I swear. I was born in 1994, and that album came out in 1977. Do the math. As for those balls dangling down below his crutch, who knows? I mean, I’m guessing the 70s was just a wild time.”

While he conceded that Fleetwood Mac’s musical styles resonating nicely with his own hipster tendencies, Grundy insisted that he was hoping to put this whole episode behind him. He said, “Sure, there are some good retro tracks on that album. A couple of certified bangers, in fact. But that skinny dude on the cover is not me, nor is he the moodboard inspiration behind my current look. Like the album’s title, they’re just rumours.”