A local car park renovation has allegedly uncovered multiple ghosts of delinquent drivers past, with spirits supposedly still attempting to reconcile their past sins. Workers on the site say they’ve seen numerous tortured souls emerging from the bowels of the controversial car park during its redevelopment, and claim it’s one of the spookiest work sites in Melbourne.

While the state of the nearby garden beds attracted headlines and heated debate last weekend, it’s actually the seemingly regular accessing of the car park directly from Watsonia Road that stirs up the most public angst. Despite ample signage alerting motorists to not enter the car park from our main street, many still do – either openly flouting the rules, or just being oblivious out of towners.

Exactly how this translates to the car park becoming haunted by ghosts remains unclear, but one community member claims it’s the scorn of local pedestrians that has created these tortured spirits. One such local, who requested strict anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “You know the old saying ‘If looks could kill’? Well, ever seen an upset local glare at someone driving into that car park from Watsy Road? There’s your answer, mate.”

However, that same local had no pity for the troubled paranormal entities, suggesting they had it coming. The resident said, “Those lunatics have been terrorising our main street for years, so this is a good old-fashioned case of comeuppance. They’ve got what they deserved. I hope they’re trapped under that fresh new bitumen for all eternity. Or at least until the car park gets riddled with potholes again. You know.”