Our beloved local dancing coffee cup has expressed confusion over this week’s fuss about dancers twerking in front of HMAS Supply at the new Navy ships opening ceremony. The cup, which once famously reported higher than average job satisfaction, claimed dance is the most expressive form of celebration, and if people want to get all sexy in front of a brand new sea vessel that was their choice.

Footage of a gyrating dance troupe seemingly getting all twerky in front of military officials and important dignitaries went viral this week, with many saying that type of performance was inappropriate for much an important Navy event. And while it turns out that popular video was actually doctored to make it seem a little more scandalous than it actually was, that didn’t stop our favourite giant caffeine crusader from wading into the story.

In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, the coffee cup said, “Dance is the most expressive of all the performing arts, and the perfect way to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I dance all sexy and that every morning, what’s the big deal? Are you trying to say that Navy officials and a bunch of overpaid politicians are more important and sophisticated that the thousands of commuters heading city bound on the Greensborough Highway every morning? I think not.”