After decades of uninterrupted service to outer suburban junk food fiends returning home from a visit to the city, the Clifton Hill outlet of McDonald’s is set to receive a rare and privileged honour from the people of the Diamond Valley. While many local eateries have been acknowledged by the somewhat secretive award, this is believed to be the first time a restaurant outside of the local area has been bestowed such a prestigious honour.

One regular visitor to the McDonald’s outlet that sits on the city’s fringe, who gave his name as Kayne, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Mate, that’s fantastic. That joint’s bloody awesome. I love it. And it’s gone full circle for me. We used to stop there when I was a kid coming home from the ‘G with mum and dad after the footy, later on I’d get the taxi to stop there on me way home from a night out on the piss. What a place?! So good.”

According to the committee behind the nomination, it was the generational appeal that helped a Clifton Hill restaurant receive such a treasured honour. In an official statement, they said, “Over many years, the Clifton Hill McDonald’s franchise has offered unabated support and salty french fries to thousands of Diamond Valley residents. From family trips home from the city in their youth, to boozy nights out with friends when some poor soul acted as the designated driver, Clifton Hill McDonald’s has been a destination of choice for generations. For that, we salute you.”