Kelis has expressed disappointment that she is no longer responsible for the worst milkshake-themed video of all-time, as fallout from the Australian government’s ridiculous attempt to teach consent continues to be felt across the world. The American singer-songwriter is reportedly quite upset about the recent development, bringing an end to almost 20 years at the helm of the worst moving picture portrayal of the popular dairy-based beverage.

Kelis’ iconic song ‘Milkshake’ took the world by storm in 2003, a time when you still had to tune into music video shows for all the latest hit music. The song instantly became a pop culture touchpoint, with multiple parodies and tributes to follow its conspicuous debut.

A source close to the famous artist claims Kelis is not happy with the Australian government. The anonymous source said, “She’s very upset. As a one hit wonder, you really need to protect your brand, and she has cornered the niche milkshake-themed performing arts scene for a long time now, almost two decades. To think the Australian government has now dethroned her, especially accidentally, is almost too much to take in. She’s hoping this thing will all just blow over and she’ll take the title back. Maybe she’s right, but I wouldn’t be so sure.”