A local wine drinking enthusiast claims she’s given up on Watsonia’s fruitless campaign to open a wine bar, and is instead moving to nearby Greensborough due to their successful opening of such a venue. Veronica Nelson says she made the difficult decision last month after years of waiting for Watsonia to get its act together.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Nelson said, “It wasn’t an easy decision by any stretch, I mean, Watsy is great, and I love it, but wine is my true love. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I’ve put my Watsonia house on the market and am currently looking for new properties in Greensy. It’s the only solution.”

When asked why she didn’t just walk across to Greensborough when the wine called her, or caught an Uber, Nelson made her response very clear. She said, “Yeah, thanks champ, I’m aware of Ubers and taxis, but the ultimate dream is being able to walk to and from the venue. And that means it needs to be a casual stroll from home, not a pavement-pounding hike. I want to be able to either walk home from there with my heels still on, or bare feet if it’s been a long session. And I’m not walking from Greensy to Watsy bare feet. I’m not completely mad. So, now I have to make the ultimate sacrifice and move from my beloved Watsonia. It’s sad, but I’ve waited long enough.”